Trying out one of the most cursed gba games. Shrek Swamp Kart Speedway

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Cybear Tron
·Jul 30, 2021·

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Hwlo there!!!! So today I will try this game called Shrek Swamp Kart Speedway which is considered very damn cursed!!

The Visual Boy Advance (VBA) emulator will help us here on our journey!!! Cuz I dont have a real game boy advance lol!

Ok So I heard that this is one of the worst games and was jus a Mario Kart with a Shrek Skin. I have personally never watched Shrek or played Mario Kart.. So lets try..

Shrek---Swamp-Kart-Speedway-(U)-[!].png This is where I am... Wish me luck


image.png Watching these weirdos bobbing their head is giving me anxiety. I will just go with the gingerbread. image.png ITS FRICKING HARD AND AS I WAS TOLD, THE CONTROLS ARE BAD!! ITS TOO SPEED !! I have never been a good car game player so maybe to an extent its my incopetence. Ok So I will rather Jus do a gameplay video here ok?

You can check it out here.... I got the hang of it quick and came 2nd while I could come 1st but got stuck. It was actually hard and it took me like 5 attempts after which I started recording. The Graphics were the worst!!! And the controls the hardest!! AND THE FRICKING HEAD BOBBING I SHOWED IN THE VIDEO!! I WAS DAMN FEELING WEIRD!!!

I mean thats it for today.. I forgot to save it... There are a lot of levels I guess in this game...


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