My Windows 7 programming setup!!

I like it a little too!! :D

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·Aug 4, 2021·

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Hwlo There!!!!!

So today I plan on sharing my Windows 7 programming setup!!


BUT HEY!!! Windows 7 is not good for anything let alone programming !! Its old, unsupported and bad!!!, you say...

But I have a reason!

I use a family computer and my family wants windows on the pc (for their work and all) and I can't install linux on it. I can't dual boot it, cuz the computer doesn't have much storage and they won't trust me for making changes like this. And windows 10 lags on our potato...

I plan on someday buying an external hard drive for installing linux on it and am saving.

So does it stop me from programming? NO! A BIG FAT NO!!!

So how do I program?

Ok So lets get started!!!

I like developing software for the desktop and am not a web dev so this will be accordingly.



So I use cmder a console/terminal for windows using the conemu terminal emulator and is my goto terminal.

Its a very nice little software I suggest every windows programmer to use!


Cmder is a software package created out of pure frustration over the absence of nice console emulators on Windows. It is based on amazing software, and spiced up with the Monokai color scheme and a custom prompt layout, looking sexy from the start.

~Cmder's official site

As it says, it has a lot of nice features:


GIT Preinstalled(if you download the full package): You don't have to install git separately if you install the full package. It will have the GIT vcs preinstalled in the path for you.



Preinstalled Bash : You get a preinstalled bash with it!! Bash which is an unix utility thats actually nice is installed with cmder. You get Bash and Mintty with it!! Due to this, you can easily run bash and unix commands in windows and run sh files from the terminal.



Different consoles and easy switching: Since it uses a console emulator, you can use a variety of consoles and terminals with it:


  • WSL (If its windows 7 and you installed wsl)
  • Powershell
  • CMD
  • Bash : Bash and Mintty


Ez Copy paste and select!!



Nice and easy customization!!

image.png Settings tab ↑

image.png Changed Theme ↑

Code Editor:

So my main code editor is:


Vscode is an open source code editor by Microsoft that can be easily extensible using extensions and can work like an ide with enough extensions!!


It looks good and works better! You can have almost everything inside it:

  • A Code editing area: I mean... Its necessary right? lol


  • A built-in terminal: For running and debugging the code and quick commands.


  • Autocomplete and intellisense: I mean thats something everyone wants lol!! Ok not everyone..

  • A lot of nice extensions for almost every language and many other things!!



I also use the chocolatey package manager and Microsoft edge as my main browser!!

I guess thats it for today!!!



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