I switched to Linux!

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Cybear Tron
·May 29, 2022·

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Hwlo guys it's been a while since I posted anything. I took a break and I started to get serious a bit in game dev. I joined a lot of jams and hosted another hwlo jam too! I got an external hdd for my birthday that I now am using for Linux Mint as a persitent usb install!!


I am using xfce as a desktop environment as my pc is old.

Switching from windows to linux is hard since I have used Windows my entire life. Running games is a pain as some work and some don't. A few things are easier on Linux like installing a few apps like sublime and others while getting piskel and all to run on pc is a bit of a hassle. I had to do a lot of work to get Morrowind running.

I will soon get the hang of this and I hope you guys are doing good too!

Currently I am using Godot, Piskel, Bosca Ceoil and Audacity as part of my main game dev tools. I seldom use Sublime for plans and text files and running a few files.

I am also starting to work on a sort of long term project. More information on that later.

Anyways, Bye Guys missed writing blogs a lot!!

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