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·Aug 2, 2021·

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Hwlo There!!!!! So I have not told much about it before on my blogs but on my discord server whose link will be below!!

Discord server

The Jam Page

So I hosted this jam called the "Hwlo RPG Jam". I hosted this jam because I promised that if my discord server gets 10 people (true lol) then I will host a game jam and when it did, I created the jam page for the jam. It was a jam for making rpg games (I mean, its obvious right).

So in this jam any kind of rpg (role-playing game) would work unless until the theme is used...

The Theme were captions i.e. you have to make a game with a narration and I added some extra secondary themes too for fun and challenges!!

Secondary themes that you may add to your game (I would luv if u would):

1) Roguelike Dungeons and Worms? (Jus as the title says make a roguelike game with dungeons and add some worms lol)

2) Boomer - Zoomer (Add a feature from old rpg games and one from the new ones)

3) Thundering Velocity (Add something related to it mostly movement I guess would be suited)

4) Sherlock Homes? (Jus do something interesting with this)

I along with a team made a game called :

Azkhamen's Quest!!!

Day 1:## So I started making a script for a game for an idea about what I need to do... And got an actual nice story that was actually a little big for a small game... And I am not a good game dev as I do normal dev mostly and its been a while since I ever did some gamedev. So I asked in my discord server's jam-team-up channel for a good developer in godot (Cuz I knew only that and I thought that I would actually code too). And I found this nice person named Nekoto who asked me if I would like to join them with some other nice people who were Nero, Kiba and Mandarus!!

When I showed them my script they liked it and we had to shorten it down a little to make it actually possible to make within the period of the jam. Thus, we got a story now :D. The story was about a little moth larva named Azkhamen who got a curse and had to do a quest for Master Mothingum(The one who cursed him). Then the story unfolds. I wouldn't tell the whole story here so that you guys can play the game on your own!!

After that I started doing some art after some team discussion about the features. I worked on the larva design and had made 3 prototypes:



image.png And we got to the conclusion of the third one which remains till the end.

Day 2:

Then I started working on the Mothingum sprites:

image.png The one we used after some tweaking...

image.png A weird prototype

image.png A moth.. Which we later made into an enemy.

After a lot of weird mothingums...

image.png We got to this monstrosity image.png

##Day 3:

We planned on using some premade assets as it was a jam and we had only one artist(me). We used my art for the main characters and important things that the player will remember. So the background and all the tilesets were premade assets.

image.png This was for a swarm enemy.

Then I had to do the sprite of a boar queen.. I had two prototypes:


image.png Out of which the second one was obviously chosen. I am very proud of this one truly. Thats why the image of this blog is the boar queen only.

Then I worked on a sparrow:

image.png This was what we resorted to...

Then we needed some fruits...

1) image.png

2) image.png

3) image.png

We used 1 and 2 for different purposes.

##Day 4:

Was not a productive day..

I made a flying animation for mothingum


This was a bit funny truly....

##Day 5: The last day!!!

Then I made a new beefy enemy for the game,


Then I added a flying animation to the old one with some changes:


Then I had to make an attack animation for the moth demon (The Beefy Enemy) and a flying too.

Moth Demon.gif

It looks weird ik..

Then the day before the submission... We remembered that we needed a human sprite too lol!!


I made this and was too happy with it...

And then I had to make a running animation too... It was a nightmare!!

I find editing an existing sprite a nightmare.... Its jus too damn hard... But I did it!! Hooman.gif

Then I had to make some crack sprites....


These were the ones....

Then I had to work on the Main Menu too!! We quickly named the game and I made a (bad) design.


Then We understood the prob was with the font and I installed a google font and here was what we used:


It was still bad... But it was what we had...

And my task was done...

Guys the work I had done was nothing in front of the work my teammates did!! I mean the sfx guy had a folder full of atleast 5 of each sounds and they even had an unused folder which had more of the sfx that were unused. The programmer was awake for upto 3 am and more for the game.. The Music man too was awake for long periods for making nice music for us!!!

And there I was just doing some art when needed and spend the rest of the time doing weird stuff!



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