Coder trying no-code Software/APP and Website Development solutions

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·Jul 28, 2021·

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Hwlo There !! Another episode of our series "Tryin em Out".

So today we will try some no-code software and website development solutions. Me being a coder, I code and develop my apps myself. So this will be fun to see the difference and the limitations and advantages too!!!

App Developent:

#1 PandaSuite Studio: So I found this app called PandaSuite Studio. It seemed fun and was free. So I downloaded it and installed it. After installing and all I was to create a new app. None of the templates suited to me so yea blank app. I named it Hwlo Spammer Cuz I want to spam hwlo on the screen with it if it can allow me to. I set the res for pc apps lol!! So I was brought to a rather beautiful scene: image.png So I planned on adding some images first image.png I always have weird images on the pc so I added a bg texture image. Resized it.

image.png I added some text (adjusting which was quite finnicky) Then I saved it cuz I have a habit of damn jus ctrl+s-ing. Doing not that makes me anxious (I cant damn lose progress lol.. I need help). Ah the saving takes a while. image.png Uhh the preview... It does nothing till now so lets add some functionality.

image.png Wow. A lot of options. I tried doing some stuff but had to resort to searching for a tutorial on this. Ok there were some tutorials but I am irritated now. How can people bear this much self pain on themselves other than jus learning to code. Wow. I cant f*cking understand how to actually get that interactive area change the empty text area I have. It has a frickin action to let you interact with another component with that interactive area when its damn clicked, BUT NO!! THEY WON'T LET YOU HAHA!! ALL OF THIS IS AN ILLUSION!! IT MAKES YOU FEEL LIKE ITS TOO EASY AND IT WILL BE BETTER FOR YOU TO ACTUALLY USE THIS BUT NO!!! YOU CANT DO A FRICKING THING CUZ THEY WONT LET YOU!!! I will still give it another try you know... for seeing if I used it wrong with another app. image.png OH WELL NO!! FEED YOUR MONEY TO OUR NON-EXISTENT FAT PANDA SO THAT YOU CAN WASTE YOUR TIME EVEN FURTHER? NO WAY SIR NO WAY!! INTO THE OBLIVION YOU GO. I angrily uninstalled it.

Oh yea I have signed up to a lot of sketchy and normal alike sites today.. and My eyes are messed up because of the never ending light mode of these sites and hashnode's dark mode and I cant see some part and rainbow style stuff is there.... So please like this and share.....

Web Development: Carrd: I found this site called Carrd that will help us to make a nice landing page for ourselves. I found myself a good template and here we are:

image.png It had some weird settings and all but at the last I had a site

image.png The link to My new portfolio site

This was a rather short one as I didn't get quite enough time because of me being in a game jam so BYE!!!

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